APE valve guides are designed to take the abuse of today's modern high horsepower engines. They are made from special bronze alloy to resist wear and heat. No other valve guide that you can buy will out-perform APE guides. Fact is we supply our guides to nearly all of the top cylinder head shops. Major police departments use them in their patrol bikes which see severe use.

APE guides are precision machined with the bores finished to size. They are designed to fit lower in the head to clear high lift cams, and use APE seals or factory OEM seals. Sold in sets of 16.
VGK900 GS1000 2 Valve $123.57
VGS1100S GS1100 / 1150 $238.396
VGS1100-OS Special 1100 / 1150 guides for offsetting guides in head. ea.493" o.d. Can be used for repair. $18.39 ea
VG-Vortex Valve guide for Vortex 2 cylinder head. .477" OD $23.28 ea


APE seals are the best available. Won't dry out and crack.
Keeps the oil out of the motor for maximum performance.
Insist on the best.....
99199 1000 2 Valve $18.95
99201 1100 / 1150 $36.95


The cam contact surface on all screw adjuster type Suzuki rocker arms is a soft material covered with hard chrome. Under the increased loads of higher spring pressures, cam lifts, etc. the surface caves in allowing the chrome to crack and peel off. This wipes out the rocker and cam lobe.

The solution is welding the contact pads with special hard face rod and regrinding the faces. This service is performed on customer supplied rockers. Note that they can have pad damage.
Remove the adjuster screws. WE DO NOT RETURN ANY ADJUSTER SCREWS.

WRA1100GS-STD Standard pad $78.00 ea.
WRA1100GS-EXT Extended pad $82.00 ea.
WRA1100 GSXR rocker $78.00 ea.

Some high lift applications require extended pads to keep lobe from running off the pad.
Some builders use GSXR rockers in GS motors to change geometry.
Only GS cores for GS rockers and GXXR for GSXRs.
New rocker arms available.


Some very high lift cams have reduced base circles to keep the nose of the cam on the rocker pad. This can cause a problem with the valve adjuster screws being too short to get proper valve lash. Theser high performance screws are longer than Suzuki screws and solve the problem.

ERA1100S Complete set $79.95