The DYNA 4000 Pro high performance ignition system represents a new level of sophistication in high energy ignition technology. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the serious racer, the DYNA 4000 Pro significantly increases spark energy and also includes built in launch and over rev limiters. The DYNA 4000 Pro uses advanced microprocessor technology to provide extremely accurate control over the entire ignition process. This allows the DYNA 4000 Pro to maximize spark energy and control rev limiting with far greater precision than has previously been available.

Some features of the DYNA 4000 Pro include:
High energy, long duration inductive sparks are the key to horsepower. Extensive dyno testing on racing engines clearly shows that the long inductive spark duration of the DYNA 4000 Pro makes more horsepower than any other ignition types. Traditionally, short spark duration capacitive discharge ignitions have been used when engines are operated at very high rpm, due to the fact that most inductive ignitions can't charge an ignition coil fast enough between sparks to achieve full ignition energy at high operating speeds. The DYNA 4000 Pro solves this problem by using a special, fast charging high energy coil, the DYNA High Energy "Blue" coil. The combination of the DYNA 4000 Pro ignition and the DYNA Blue coils give all the advantages of a high energy, long spark duration inductive ignition, and can deliver full spark energy up to 17,000 rpm.

A built in programmable two stage rev limiter allows you to set both a launch rev limit and an over rev limit. The launch rev limiter function of the DYNA 4000 Pro allows a rider to make clean consistent leaves from the starting line by accurately holding the engine at a preset rpm just before the launch. The limiting action of the DYNA 4000 Pro is the smoothest of any ignition currently available. This minimizes the stress on expensive engine parts during limiting. The launch limit is selected by adjusting a sixteen position rotary switch that is located on the DYNA 4000 Pro control module. This allows quick adjustment of the launch limit between runs. The launch limit adjust switch can be set from 6,500 rpm to 10,000 rpm (3,500 to 7,000 rpm for Harley models) in 250 rpm increments ( custom limit ranges are available). The over rev limiter is adjustable by setting a second rotary switch located on the DYNA 4000 Pro control module. The over rev limiter is adjustable from 10,500 to 14,000 rpm (6,500 to 10,000 rpm for Harley models) in 250 rpm increments.

·The DYNA 4000 Super Pro uses the Pro Series Crank Trigger as a pick up. The DYNA 4000 Super Pro is simply connected between the trigger and the ignition coils. The DYNA 4000 Super Pro automatically shuts off when the engine is not running, even if the ignition power is left on. This prevents battery drain and coil over heating.

·The DYNA 4000 Super Pro has built in diagnostic circuitry, and indicator LED that can be used to static time the motor.

DYNA 4000 PRO IGNITION KITS, module, coil, wires

Application Kit part no. Price
All 4 cylinder, two
spark plugs per cylinder
DPK4-2 $705.49


DCT3-2 GS750/1100/1150


DBTR-3P GS1100/1150