This new plate incorporates the APE exclusive outer crankshaft support bearing. This feature has become very popular in our starter plates as a way to prolong the life of expensive racing crankshafts. It holds the end of the crankshaft perfectly concentic no matter how much RPM the engine turns.
Until now, this feature was only available in the APE stand alone starter plate kit. Customers that wanted to utilize a complete motor plate that also has a countershaft support bearing had to do without the crank support.
APE has combined the best of both worlds with this new motor plate. A countershaft support bearing is incorporated along with the crank support bearing now in one package.
As with our starter plates, this motor plate features an O-ring and seal behind the crank bearing for complete no leak operation. As with all APE starter plates, this new plate is completely CNC machined for perfect fit.  
Available for large or small Suzuki crank ends. The countershaft bearing accepts offset sprockets with a 45 mm nose. ( also available from APE)
This motor plate comes with everything you see: billet cnc plate, starter nut, support plate, mounting bolts, seal, seal holders, all bearings and bearing holders, pressed-assembled and ready to install.

MPS1100 Small style 25mm seal diameter     $337.00
MPS1150 Large style 29mm seal diameter     $337.00


APE is racings leading manufacturer of outboard starter plates and nuts.

APE plates are precision CNC machined to exact tolerances. This assures that the seal is directly on the crankshaft center line, which allows long service without leaks or premature seal wear.

The seal holder has a built in o'ring between it and the plate so that it will never leak oil.

Besides the precision fit and function, APE starter plates are strikingly good looking. Bright satin finish with highlighted edges for showbike quality.

All APE kits come fully assembled, ready to install.

Kits come complete with cnc machined heat treated steel starter nut. Standard 1 1/8 inch hex.

Available for both the small and large Suzuki cranks.

SPS1100 Small style 25mm seal diameter   $141.95
SPS1150 Large style 29mm seal diameter   $141.95


APE developed this style of starter plate for the very high horsepower bikes that were experiencing left side crank throw failure.

This plate carries a bearing on the outside of the plate to give the crank support out on the very end. This prevents the crank snout oscillation that fatigues and eventually causes the destruction of the left side throw, causing catastrophic engine failure.

Complete kit comes completely assembled including our unique o'ring seal holder behind the bearing for leakproof operation. Aluminum starter nut that fits inside the bearing.

SPS1100-B Small taper 25mm seal diameter   $212.94
SPS1150-B Large taper 29mm seal diameter   $212.94

Note...The left end of the crankshaft must run true within .005" T.I.R. to use this setup.
Cranks that run out more than that will tend to bind up with the outer bearing installed.


Heat treated steel. Super hard for many years service on bikes seeing a lot of service. Precision CNC machine taper for perfect fit. Never worry about the nut spinning on the crank when it is an APE nut. Standard 1 1/8" hex.
These are the nuts that come on our standard starter plate kits.

SNS1100 Small taper cranks with 25.. seal diameter
SNS1150 large taper cranks with 29 mm seal diameter



CNC machined 7075 aluminum starter nut for those weight consience racers. Red anodize finish. These nuts feature precision tapers for perfect fit. These are the replacement nuts for out outboard bearing starter plates. can be used with any standard plate.

SNALS1100 Small taper cranks
SNALS1150 large taper cranks



For pluging the starter motor hole when using outboard starters. Available vented as shown or non-vented.    

99314 Non vented starter hole plug $15.95
99314V Vented starter hole plug $17.95


 For use with vented starter hole plugs.

62-1320 Clamps directly to the starer hole plug
62-1000 For remote use with a hoise ( shown)